Yousef Volokhov
"My Ukraine has languished in poverty while her cousin Russia has gained all the attention of the world. It is time for this to end." - Yousef Volokhov


Yousef Volokhov is a Ukrainian scientist who specializes in the atomic theory. He is introduced in Spawn issue #19 where he is invited to New York to attend the East-West Atomic Warfare, Science and Applications Conference held at Columbia University, as well as make a speech on the 3rd day on the “Demonstration of an Atomic Detonator.” Years prior to Al Simmons’ death, he was ordered to assassinate Yousef, however failed when he was spotted by the bodyguards. With the help of his good friend Andrei Zlenko, Yousef is able to smuggle the components needed to build an atomic bomb onto American soil. His goal is patriotic, and states that while Russia receives all of the media attention, the Ukraine still suffers (this goal is simply a 'thought process' embedded in his mind by the creature from The Overlap known as %^9). During his lecture he reveals his plans to detonate the atomic bomb and destroy a huge portion of New York City, and demands a fee of $1.5 billon to be paid to Ukraine for all the suffering that has occurred. With the aid of Spawn and Houdini, Yousef’s plan is thwarted, and he is taken into custody. The bomb explodes, but not before Houdini can transport it to The Overlap along with Yousef’s 3 bodyguards.

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