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"I am THE ADMONISHER! And I'm here to give you a darn good telling off!" - The Admonisher


The Admonisher is introduced in the Violator mini-series and is a human hitman hired by Tony Twist

to kill Clown. Originally this job would`ve gone to Overt-Kill but Spawn`s last encounter with him rendered the Cyborg useless. Admonisher is a massive bodied Duke Nukem lookalike, and is heavily equipped with some of the military`s highest-grade artillery.  He is essentially a mockery on the Marvel character Punisher. He alone is able to take on all 5 Phlebiac Brothers at once. At one point during the battle The Vaporizer eats Admonisher, but he survives and blasts his way out of the Phlebiac, creating a massive gaping hole in its stomach. Despite their best efforts, The Admonisher does not go down, and follows them back into the gateway to Hell. In Violator vs. Badrock #4

, it is implied that the Admonisher has returned to Earth from Hell.

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