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Spawn Forums is a closed to the public internet forum community. Started in 2011, it was where many previous message boardies went when Todd McFarlane decided to close his forum for good. It is still called the spawn forums but mostly consists of sports talk and rarely is used for discussion on the character of Spawn. It is one of the more serious sports talk forums on the internet. Fans on the forum are very passionate about regarding sports talk being serious business.

It contains a movie, comic and toy thread along with the sports thread. There is also a buy sell trade area like the previous

In 2011, a few individuals who worked for Todd Mcfarlane Productions were asked to be a part of the board and they agreed to become members and provide news, updates and Q&A's if necessary. However a few members of the boards became hostile toward the employees. One of which was a member who went by the name of Zildjian. His increasing aggression towards them mixed with a few others, but mostly Zildjian, became so hostile that the employees of TMP removed themselves from the board, leaving it with no interaction with TMP, thus severing all ties to the old message board completely.

In 2013 the board creator and Administrator grew weary of what had become of the board. Many of the Toy, Comic and Movie enthusiasts decided to go to other message boards but the remaining sports members stayed on. Eventually they began filtering into the other areas of the board but still mainly stay in the sports section. Without McFarlane employees and other toy sites who were hesitant to come on board available the creator decided to give over the reigns to another Administrator. Surprisingly, a new member who only posted in the Spawn Fantasy Football League thread and did not participate in anything else was given the mantle. This gentlemen, "Grif" was an elderly man who decided to stop allowing the site to be available to be seen by the open public. He made the site viewable to members only.

One of the unique aspects of the site is the approach to moderating. The board is a "hands on" approach to moderating. If arguments amongst admin and boardies exists the posts, on average, are deleted. On certain occasions you will find that the moderators fight amongst themselves. This was evident when a moderator felt like the Board creator had betrayed his trust and called him out in the actual forum.

Another time one of the moderators decided to make deals in the buy sell trade forum and then disappeared. It was only until his Twitter account was found and harassed did he come back and finally, after months, make good on his transactions. After doing so, he then deleted his account.

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