Simmonsville is a town located in a secluded area of the Nevada Desert, right near a former nuclear testing site. It is first seen in Spawn issue #16 and it is explained that despite its realistic look, it is actually consisted purely of Al Simmons’ Psychoplasm. In 1987, after a routine underground a-bomb test, a gateway to Hell was opened. Wynn ordered a regiment to investigate, but alas, none returned. Intrigued by this new find, Jason Wynn was able to get in contact with a being from Hell, and struck a deal. In exchange for Simmons’ life, he would receive all of Simmons’ memories in the form of Psychoplasm. After his death, the Psychoplasm from his jumbled memories created this town above the gateway. When all was ready, Wynn invited long time friend Major Vale to witness firsthand the true power of Psychoplasm. From the safety of their US Headquarters they watched as Brewer and Stevens were sent in and brutally mutilated by the demons that inhabited the town. Later on that day, the town was becoming overrun with demons, and everything was being destroyed. Major Vale disregarded the Exclusion Zone warnings and went to see for himself what was happening. When he arrived Spawn was already there, and after killing Vale, he managed to dissolve the Psychoplasmic city, destroying all of his now perverted memories. In the end, nothing of the city was left, with the exception of a single memory – one of Al Simmons and Wanda, rocking on a boat in the lake. To save it from being lost, he gave the memory to Wanda.

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