"Okay. I'll help you - for Angela. But if anyone ever finds out..." - Saranyu

Saranyu is an angel and a resident of Elysium. She has known Angela and her friends for a long time. She seems to be in a very high position of power among angels, as she is able to gain intel that other angels are not able to.





Saranyu is an Angel who is first introduced in Angela Issue #1. Saranyu is first seen being confronted by Anahita and Kuan Yin to look into the files involving Angela's arrest, because of her high-security clearance. At first, she is hesitant to help, but after remembering the help she received from Angela when she encountered the Capellan Vulpigor, and the encouragement of the two angels, she reluctantly agrees to assist.

Powers and AbilitesEdit


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