Porsche MacNeil
"Look, old man, I've built more detonators than you've got chins..."


This 22 year old Scottish big shot is first seen in Spawn issue #19. Although young, he leads a fairly successful life, owning his own apartment in Little Ukraine (Unit #212, one floor below Andrei Zlenko) and manages the Radio Hut. He is known to treat his mother like dirt and takes full advantage of her services – as is mentioned in both issues #19 and #20. In addition to his vast electronics knowledge he secretly specializes in the art of explosives and aides Yousef Volokhov in repairing his damaged detonator. Even though he is arrested as an accomplice of the nuclear threat, there is not enough evidence to lock him up so he is set free. Throughout both issues, Porsche MacNeil shows off his explosive capabilities, but in the end Spawn gets the last laugh, rigging his apartment with a confetti explosive and leaving a note stating “Don’t ever mess with me or my alley again, or the next one takes out you and the whole building with it. – Spawn”

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