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More information on this character is available here: Nicholas Cogliostro.

Charcter History[]

Cogliostro first appears as an alley bum, but he seems to know more about Spawn's situation than Spawn himself. He is the one who tells spawn his power is drawn from a limited power source, and using it up will condemn him to the eternal torture of hell.

Image Comics Cogliostro page for a complete biography.


Spawn: Cog is Spawn's mentor and the two were very close, bonding on the shared experience of being a Hellspawn. However, things go sour after he betrays him.[1] However Cog gives up the throne and returns to earth helping Jim Downing however Jim and Cog fought but Jim Overpowered him. later on After Al returns it is shown that Cog still helps him on occassions.

In other media[]

In Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Cogliostro is voiced by Richard Dysart. the Spawn live action movie, Cogliostro is played by Nicol Williamson in his final film role.