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The being known as the enigmatic and nameless Mother Of Existence (Man of Miracles or M.O.M. for short) is an ageless, mysterious, gender-less, super-being, featured in the Spawn comic book


Biography[edit | edit source]

The Creator (under the alias Man of Miracles) has appeared to offer it's guidance and wisdom to the Spawn so that she might play her part in Armageddon. It is an ageless being of practically inconceivable power who has been the architect behind most of the events in the Spawn universe, holding significant knowledge of Al Simmons and his role as Spawn. Possesses powers beyond that of God or Satan. Its true form is as the Mother of Existence, though it is neither female nor male, it is able to cast an illusion to make itself look male.

It is revealed that Creator/Man of Miracles is, in fact, the one who walked among mortals as "Jesus Christ," and thus was actually independent of God in the Spawn universe. The twelve heavenly warriors known as the Disciples, formed from the souls of the Twelve Apostles, actually follow Man of Miracles above God.

The Creator gave each of its infinite children a world to run as they wish; God and Satan were both given Earth. God and Satan constantly bickered and fought to the point where they declared war on one another. Mankind, being created by God (from The Creator's energy) but given free will by Satan, became unique and the Creator instantly fell in love with them and decided to act on their behalf, rather than let its children use them as cannon fodder. The Creator stripped both of its children of their kingdoms and made them sleep in a forgotten corner of the universe. The Creator then came to Earth as Jesus Christ, spreading a message of love and tolerance. This message being corrupted by mankind, the Creator saw that Armageddon was inevitable. Giving mankind a chance to survive, the Creator preserved all the souls that had died in the same hour as Al Simmons and placed them inside of Spawn. Spawn represents the potential of mankind and must prove that humanity is worth saving from God and Satan's feud. The Creator brought back God and Satan as the human children of Terry and Wanda Fitzgerald in order to give them an appreciation for humanity and change their ways. This plan failed, as the twins simply became more insane than before and wreaked further chaos on Earth. They have since regained their memories, powers, and kingdoms and are bolstering their armies for the final push that will begin Armageddon.

The Creator has also been revealed to be the Keeper of Greenworld, the voice of the Emerald Parliament and the one who originally summoned (?)

M.O.M.'s appearance changes depending upon who is perceiving it. It has appeared as an anime-inspired hero, as Miracleman, as a mysterious, beautiful, nude woman covered in ivy who was presumably Gaea, Jesus Christ and, in its true form, as the Creator of Creation: a Caucasian skinned, beautiful, nude woman with a masculine body. When cloaked in her illusion, people see her as they want to, and she subsequently explains that this is because the reality is far more malleable than humanity believes. In her anime guise, M.O.M.'s look changes consistently from panel to panel. The tattoos on its face are different each time, the logo on its chest appears and reappears and sometimes it's shirt disappears but its logo remains visible on its skin. It is unknown why there is such little consistency to it's look in this form.

Notable aliases:[edit | edit source]


  1. The Mother
  2. The Father
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. Kali
  5. Sir Lancelot
  6. The Mother Earth
  7. Gaea
  8. Mother Gazer
  9. The Keeper of the Greenworld
  10. Man of Miracles

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Omnipotence
  • Omniscience
  • Omnipresence
  • Absolute Immortality

Copyright Issues.[edit | edit source]

Man of Miracles was first introduced in Spawn #150. This character was very similar to the hero known as Miracleman (also known as Marvelman), popularized in the Eclipse Comicsseries written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. In his original appearance he is named Mike Moran, the same human identity of Miracleman, with basically the same costume. Todd McFarlane bought the rights to Eclipse Comics believing Miracleman was also a part of the deal. However, the rights to the character of Miracleman have been heavily contested. In court a judge determined that McFarlane did not hold the rights to Miracleman. After this the two characters of Mother of Existence and Man of Miracles were combined into one where they were supposed to always be the same being. Due to Resurrection and 250 the character and the arcs that feature him were retconed from the series.

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