Major Vale
"Wynn said that was a doorway to Hell down there. Looks to me like all hell just broke loose, boy." - Major Vale


Vale is a Major in the United States military and is introduced in Spawn issue #16. Him and Jason Wynn have been working together for many years and were “cut from the same cloth.” Major Vale is among the first members of the military to see the secrets of Simmonsville. He an Wynn, from the safety of their heavily secured building in New York City, watch the horrific events unfold as two young privates are mutilated by demons in the seemingly quiet suburbia neighbourhood, created in Nevada next to a gateway to Hell.

In issue #17, all hell breaks loose in Simmonsville, and Major Vale is determined to go there himself. When he arrives in issue #18, he is confronted by Spawn. Prior to his death, Al Simmons was part of an infantry squadron which was fighting in Ecuador. An order was given to destroy the innocent village and any soldiers in it – luckily Simmons survived. Wynn and Vale managed to cover the whole thing up, which didn’t sit well with Spawn. After some final words, Spawn took his gun and blew a hole through the face of Major Vale killing him instantly.