"Oh, it wasn't just you. I mean you shouldn't take her trying to kill you personally, or anything. She's killed lots of Hellspawn." - Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is a very good friend of Angela and Anahita. She is an Angel as well as a hunter like Angela and Anahita. She is first introduced Angela Issue #1.



Kuan has been shown to be a loyal friend as she refused to believe her friend Angela was guilty of any charges, even more, willing to believe that she was framed. She has also shown to be brash and aggressive having first attacked Spawn before talking to him.



Kuan Yin is first seen talking with Anahita about Angela's current predicament, being blamed for multiple crimes against heaven. She, along with Anahita, is convinced that Angela is innocent of all charges. They act quickly and find the whereabouts of the current hellspawn who had bested Angela.

They head down to the hell spawn's location and are able to convince him to help Angela with her trial. She and Anahita takes Spawn back to Elysium and watch over him while in heaven and are able to put him on the stand as a witness on Angela's trial. This however proved useless as the other angels quickly attack him for being a hellspawn. They both watch as it seemed that both Angela and Spawn had been disintegrated.

Kuan, Anahita, and Callindra are all in Angela's room mourning the loss of Angela until she makes her remarkable return. Afterwards, Kuan is able to help Angela clear her name and the three angels decide to become freelancers instead of hunters for heaven.

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