"M-my name's Kimberly? And, and I have this, like, eating disorder? And the next thing I know I'm a fruit, growing on a tree?" - Kimberly


Kimberly is an anorexic blonde woman who befriends Billy Kincaid in Spawn issue #8. She is introduced with Bob, Claudette, Larry and little Jessica. It is revealed that before her death, she had an eating disorder and the next thing she remembers is awakening in the orchard. In her life she is noted to have done a lot of channelling and speaking with the dead, however does not recall ever hearing about an orchard. One thing to notice is that throughout all of her dialogue, she always ends a sentence with a question mark. She is the fourth to depart the group after being engulfed into the clutches of a Soul-Gourmet. That is the last that is ever seen of her.

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