K7-Leetha necro-plasm suit

Leetha of the 7th House of K, more commonly referred to as K7-Leetha, is a sentient and constantly evolving neural parasite hosted by Al Simmons once he became a Hellspawn. Made of necroplasm, Hell-born parasites like K7-Leetha bond for life with their host's central nervous system. Daughter of the 7th House of K, K7-Leetha's name is first revealed in Spawn: Blood Feud Issue #1. A similar neural parasite, K3-Myrlu, bonded with Billy Kincaid before he entered the Malebolge.

Powers & Abilities Edit

K7-Leetha sustains its power by feeding on the necroplasm within Al's Hellspawn body. As a neural parasite, it also feeds from remnants of Al's spinal fluid and the neural chemicals remaining in his brain and throughout his central nervous system. Through this telepathic connection, K7-Leetha is able to interface with Al's subconsciousness and may also have access to his soul due to this neural-supernatural symbiosis.

  • Evolution: Over time, K7-Leetha will evolve into a higher, more effective, stronger and more deadly parasitic life-form.
  • Gliding & Limited Flight: The shroud or cape of K7-Leetha is easily capable of providing a supernaturally empowered form of gliding to Al. This easily allows for Al to fly through the air and maneuver flexibly and fluidly through the air, often at high speeds well in excess of 100 mph.
  • Limited Shapeshifting & Camouflage: K7-Leetha's most immediate power is its ability to change its appearance based in the willpower and desires of its host. While its natural form is that of the Hellspawn uniform, the suit is able to also summon aspects of its hellish nature through the will of the host; manifesting spikes and blades, claws capable of rending flesh and bone and adhering to sheer surfaces, and camouflaging the host by taking on the texture and appearance of a nearby surface similar to a chameleon.
  • Preternatural Strength & Durability: Although a necroplasmic organism with a fluid or gooey texture in its natural form, K7-Leetha is possessed of immense strength and durability which only increases once bonded to a host and with each evolution. This allows it to withstand intense punishment to protect and serve the host. It's chains and spikes are virtually unbreakable, capable of piercing and reshaping steel, throwing or eviscerating grown men and even other supernatural creatures, and supporting immense weights that may well exceed 100 tons.
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