Joe Sakic
"H-he's gone! I mean, he's not here. He wanted to check up on one of his...uh..businesss matters. Yeah, that's it!" - Joe Sakic


A loyal servant and main accountant to mob boss Anthony Twistelli, with no social life, no love interests and no friends. He is introduced in Spawn issue #22. Spawn turns to Joe for answers on Twistelli’s dealings, so he pays him a little visit in the accounting office. With not much to defend himself with, Sakic hands over the paperwork revealing information on Terry Fitzgerald. Spawn leaves without harming Joe, however 3 days later his body is found under George Washington Bridge, with his hands and feet viciously severed, decapitated, even his genitals are missing. Although the NYPD launches a full investigation, there is nothing to link the body to, and the case of John Doe 1994-714 is closed.

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