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Ignis Fatuus is a weapon featured in the Soul series, used by Necrid and Viola.

Weapon Gallery[]

A mysterious flame feared for its ability to confuse and lure humans to their deaths. Although visible to the eye, none can touch it, and not even the most violent storms can extinguish this flame. Rumor has it that non-human entities find comfort in its presence.

In-game characteristics[]

In-game, Ignis Fatuus is a crimson color swap of Maleficus. Its abilities are purely defensive-based as it regenerates health over time and grants an increase in defense but lacks in offense.


  • Ignis Fatuus has the distinction of being the only weapon originally wielded by a guest character to be used by a canonical character, with the case of Viola in Soulcalibur V having it available as an alternate weapon though it appears as a fiery orb instead.
  • "Ignis Fatuus" directly translates to "Fire Fool" in Latin. This could be a reference to the old saying that those who play with fire are sure to get burned.