In the Spawn universe, hell is home to the demons, notably Violator, and Malebolgia. Al Simmons was sent to hell after his death where he made a deal with Malebolgia to come back as a hellspawn to lead hell's army to earth upon Armageddon on the condition he can see his wife, Wanda Blake one last time.

Levels of hellEdit

Hell supposedly has 12 "spheres".

  1. This level is like a tropical jungle[1]
  2. This level is a frozen wasteland. [2]
  3. This level certain souls are meals for demons. [3]
  4. This level souls are used as power generators. [4]
  5. This level souls are used as drugs for demons. [5]
  6. In this level demons are toy collectors (Soul Trappers) who collect a certain type of soul (singer, killer, daydreamer etc) every so many years. According to Celestine, there is a choir of psychopaths and an orchestra of nuns being forced to use their own nerves as violin strings.
  7. Erebus.

8. Hellspawn training ground. [6]

9. Unknown. [7]

10. Unknown. [8]

11. Unknown.

12. Supposedly the realm of the powerful demon lord Phlegethonyarre  who made Daniel Llanso  a Hellspawn.

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