In the Spawn universe, hell is home to the demons, notably Violator, and Malebolgia. Al Simmons was sent to hell after his death where he made a deal with Malebolgia to come back as a hellspawn to lead hell's army to earth upon Armageddon on the condition he can see his wife, Wanda Blake one last time.

Levels of hell[edit | edit source]

Hell supposedly has 12 "spheres".

  1. This level is like a tropical jungle[1]
  2. This level is a frozen wasteland. [2]
  3. This level certain souls are meals for demons. [3]
  4. This level souls are used as power generators. [4]
  5. This level souls are used as drugs for demons. [5]
  6. In this level demons are toy collectors (Soul Trappers) who collect a certain type of soul (singer, killer, daydreamer etc) every so many years. According to Celestine, there is a choir of psychopaths and an orchestra of nuns being forced to use their own nerves as violin strings.
  7. Erebus.

8. Hellspawn training ground. [6]

9. Unknown. [7]

10. Unknown. [8]

11. Unknown.

12. Supposedly the realm of the powerful demon lord Phlegethonyarre  who made Daniel Llanso  a Hellspawn.

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