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"The balance of power must be seriously compromised if Control's prepared to intervene so directly in the affairs of the Earthly Plane." - Gabrielle


Gabrielle is an angel and the new Director of Terran Affairsafter the departure of Raphaela. She is introduced along with Angela,[1] but only briefly as the two Angels exchange words. Gabrielle returns where she is ordered from Control to create their own soldier to destroy Spawn – as Angela was unsuccessful.[2] Immediately she gets in contact with Angel Station and arranges for the Elemental Fire to be used on CIA Director Jason Wynn

. It is in this issue the Anti-Spawn is created.

Gabrielle returns when she summons Spawn to a 'dimensional umbrella' to discuss his earlier encounter with Angela.[3] She inquires about the Dimensional Lance, as well as the alternate reality he was sent to when he touched it. This story carries on through the Angela mini-series - as Gabrielle attempts to falsely accuse Angela of treasonous crimes. At the end of this series, Gabrielle is relinquished of her position as Director of Terran Affairs, which now becomes placed in the hands of Rafael.