Dimensional Lance
The Dimensional Lance was first seen as the weapon used by Angela in Spawn Issue #9 to kill a Hellspawn and to fight Spawn 800 years later. This weapon is explained to be the most important weapon used by an angel, as hunting a Hellspawn is pointless otherwise. The Hellspawn|Hellspawn's carapace sets up interference that will prevent the lance from activating. It needs to be close in to the Hellspawn before being activated. Once activated it sets up a dimensional resonance that will lance the Hellspawn from this level of existence like pus from a boil. At the end of Spawn Issue #9, Angela is mysteriously teleported away, and leaves the lance behind. Spawn curiously presses the button on its side and is blown away into an alternate reality. The lost lance creates problems for Angela, and ends up being a plot point in the Angela mini-series.
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