Chief of the New York State Police Department. He is the direct superior to Detective Sam Burke and Detective Twitch Williams. As the series evolves, it becomes apparent that Chief Tim Louis Banks has his hands in the dirt, and has been involved in many criminal doings. This is all made apparent by the file that was provided to Detective Sam Burke by Spawn.

It is noted that Chief Banks is referred to as "Louis Banks" in one of the captions.[1]

Season 3Edit

In the third season

of the HBO Spawn Television series, Banks attempted to execute Twitch
on orders from Jason Wynn
with a clean and direct shot to Twitch's head. Leaving Twitch for dead, Banks returns to his regular business. However, Twitch doesn't die. Instead, he loses his memory. Sam Burke
sits beside Twitch so that he may regain his memory. As time progresses, Twitch remembers a dark figure and a gun directly aimed at his head, which shattered through his skull. After Sam and Twitch confront Banks in the train station and notify him that they are aware of his deed, Sam gives the frustrated Chief his own handgun and leaves him in a moving train to contemplate his situation. In an emotional and powerful climactic moment, Banks, knowing full well that Jason Wynn will not forgive him for failure, decides to take his own life and commits suicide in order to avoid the consequences. As he sadly places the pistol into his mouth and shoots himself, his brains splatter onto the train's glass windows as the train begins to move and Sam and Twitch leave the scene.


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