This method of seeing into different plains of reality is first seen in issue #1 of the Violator mini-series. It is used by the 4 Phlebiac Brothers (Vindicator, Vacillator, Vandalizer and Vaporizer) to spy on their hapless (and at that time powerless) brother Violator. The oracle involves taking a living human (which they keep in cages) and slaughtering them so that their blood spills onto the ground. The puddle of blood acts as a window of sorts into the other realms. A common downfall to this oracle, is that the picture becomes blurry and eventually impossible to depict as the blood coagulates, so new blood must be spilled every couple minutes to retain the clearest picture. Depending on the blood-type, the picture varies in clarity (Type-O being poor quality and Type A-B Negative being excellent quality).