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"You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream." - Billy Kincaid


Billy Kincaid is a deranged child-killer and pedophile in the Spawn universe. He is first introduced in Issue #5 of the comic book series and we learn that he had been accused of the brutal murder of eight year old, Amanda Jennings – daughter of Senator Paul Jennings. Originally sentenced to 22 years in prison, his good behavior, great attorney Jeff Pittman and a positive psychiatric evaluation from the Windgate Institution in New York City at the has allowed him early parole – making him a free man after only 6 years.

We later we find out that the true number of his child killings is 27…all of which were brutally murdered, however no solid evidence ever linked him to the killings. Before his death, Al Simmons had been hired as an assassin to kill Kincaid, however arrived too late, as the cops had just apprehended him. Upon further investigation, Al found an old abandoned shack in northwest Virginia with the rest of the bodies in it, but shortly after files began to go missing and without warning, the shack spontaneously exploded – no reason was given and all the evidence was destroyed. To top that off, Jason Wynn told everyone involved to “drop the case.” This angered Al, but nothing could be done.

Despite his ‘good behaviour’ Billy Kincaid went right back to his old hobbies after being released. Recurring his role as Mr. Chill-ee, the ice-cream man, he invites 7 year old Sherlee Johnson into his truck to “pick out her favorite flavor popsicle.” Bringing her back to his home, he murders her, bringing the death toll up to 28. We are given a glimpse of his deranged habits as he is seen wearing her hair on his head, and gluing 9 of her fingers up on his wall. Spawn is able to track Kincaid down soon after the killing, and give him a taste of his own medicine. The next time we see Billy, he is chained up in Detective Sam Burke’s office at NYPD’s Twelfth Precinct, naked with numerous popsicle sticks and an ice-cream scoop protruding from his bloody corpse. A note is attached to the body…. “BOYS SCREAMED AND GIRLS SCREAMED SO I MADE HIM SCREAM..AND SCREAM...AND SCREAM”

After DeathEdit

Billy Kincaid returns in Issue #8 of the Spawn comic book series. He awakens in an “orchard” of Hell, and meets up with 5 others – Kimberly, Bob, Claudette, Larry and little Jessica. Excited by the sight of a little girl, he agrees to go along with them, as they explore their surroundings. One by one, the characters are killed until it is only Billy and little Jessica remaining. As his ecstasy rises Billy approaches Jessica, and just as he begins to clench her throat, her entire body falls apart revealing the Vindicator – one of the five famous Phlebiac Brothers. Kincaid is brought to the Eighth Sphere, Malebolgia’s domain, where he is fitted with the K3-Myrlu, a suit much the same as Spawn’s. This constantly evolving female parasite clings to his body until he is completely covered – and he has now become a minion in Hell’s Army.

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