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"Right in the middle of my best game ever!! It couldn't have broken yesterday when I couldn't do dick!" - Badrock


Badrock – formerly named Bedrock but changed to avoid legal disputes with Hanna-Barbera Productions – is a member of Youngblood. Originally known as Thomas McCall, he transformed into Badrock at the age of 16 when he swallows top-secret genetic material in his father’s lab. His first appearance in the Spawn comic book series is in issue #13 as he has hooked up a video game to one of the Youngbloods’ video equipment modules. He is seen to be a giant, golem-like creature standing at about 8’ tall with incredible strength. Despite his brute size and rock-hard exterior, Badrock is known to have a heart of gold and is never seen in action in the Spawn comics. Badrock ‘does’ however make regular appearances in the Youngblood series of Image Comics.