"No matter. The overseer is just a formality. Yousef is an old friend, and that friendship is worth at least this small favor."


Introduced in Spawn issue #19, not much is known about him. Born in the Ukraine, Andrei Zlenko risked everything he had to come to America in 1961, bringing all that he owned in shabby suitcases. Despite coming over on a Visa, Zlenko had no intentions of returning to his home-country. He gained a job working as a luggage handler at JFK International Airport and found an apartment building in Little Ukraine (Unit #301), living one floor above Porsche MacNeil. Throughout his years in the US, he still remained good friends with fellow Ukrainian Yousef Volokhov. It is Andrei who allows Volokhov’s “special package” to go unnoticed – and therefore almost causes the destruction of half of New York City.

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