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"Like you said: She wouldn't do that. You and I both know that. She just wouldn't. It's against everything she stands for. Against everything she is." - Anahita Anahita was an angel and hunter who resides in the city of Elysium. After the events of Angela, she decides to no longer be an angel. She is very close friends with Kuan Yin and Angela. Anahita is first introduced in Angela Issue #1.

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Angela[edit | edit source]

Anahita is first seen conversing with Kuan Yin about Angela's current predicament, having been accused of wrongdoings. She and Kuan Yin decide to try and prove her innocence by visiting Saranyu for information. After some encouragement from them, Saranyu decides to help and the two learned about Spawn from the information given.

Anahita and Kuan Yin confront Spawn and are able to convince him to come and be a witness in Angela's case. Anahita and Kuan Yin are able to hide Spawn fro sight while on Elysium and get him to the trial. Unfortunately, Spawn was unable to help as he is quickly attacked by Angels for being a spawn of hell. Anahita and Kuan Yin then look on as Angela and Spawn get disintegrated by the Angels.

Anahita and Kuan Yin mourn the loss of their friend along with Callindra. They however relieved when Angela reappears in front of them. They then help Angela clear her name and then decide to join Angela on her venture to being a freelancer.

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