"With respect, Mr. Twistelli, I was hired as your Personal Assistant! I ain't built for this kinda work!" - Alberto


Alberto is first seen in issue #1 of the Violator mini-series. This large bodied man had just been hired as the new personal assistant of mob Don Tony Twist. Aside from the usual requests and duties, not much is seen of Alberto – but it is apparent that he is over-worked and under-appreciated. In issue #3 of the Violator mini-series, the Phlebiac Brothers go on a rampage in a New York shopping mall, and Violator chases Tony Twist and Alberto into the Gags R’ Us outlet store. Out of sight, Tony places his signature sun-glasses on Alberto, and when the Violator breaks through, he mistakes Alberto for his real target – Tony Twist (as they are very similar in height and weight). The real Tony is able to escape, while the Violator (thinking it’s Tony) forces Alberto to dress up in a clown uniform to trick the Phlebiac Brothers. Alberto (who is mistaken by the ‘brothers’ as Clown) is prodded into the gateway to Hell and his never heard from again.

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