"Am I good, or what?" - %^9


%^9 is introduced in Spawn issue #19. This red-skinned creature inhabits The Overlap and is in charge of studying the atomics used by Earthians. Starting in 1945, at the end of World War II, the creatures of The Overlap discovered that atomics create extremely high heat scenarios which creates the theory that atomics can kill demons and scatter their infernal matter. To test this theory, %^9 had imbedded a “thought-program” into Yousef Volokhov, which would prompt him to detonate an atom bomb at a pre-set time, and Spawn would be caught at ground-zero – thus determining whether or not demons were susceptible. To ensure that Spawn was at the correct location, he had sent the Earthian Houdini as an agent, in hopes of killing the meddlesome man and getting 2 birds with 1 stone. As the plot played out in issue #20, Yousef had carried out his duties and engaged the bomb to explode. Luckily, just as the explosion was about to take place, Houdini was able to transport the bomb into The Overlap thus killing %^9 and a number of other creatures, as well as saving New York City and Spawn.